Going Electric – talk April 8 (Saturday), 11am

Lower running costs, less noise and better for the environment? It can’t be true – can it?
Nick Warner, proud owner of an electric Mini, answers all your questions about electric vehicles, from maintenance and range to finding charging points. Will the UK grid be able to cope with everyone suddenly going electric? Do batteries need changing every two years? Can an EV be an affordable choice? Join us on Saturday morning for some myth-busting at the ECO Action Hub.

3 thoughts on “Going Electric – talk April 8 (Saturday), 11am

  1. This looks interesting and is a topic area I very much want to learn more about!

  2. Really liking the design of the website, though it might be better to get more personable images of the Eco Action Hub / pictures of the local community in action as they are quite superficial images

    • @Nick do you mean in the header images? They are all photos from the area but we would be happy to add more. We tried using different types of images as well, but they looked a bit “busy”.

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