Repair Café opens on 13th May

Maidenhead’s Repair Café gives people’s broken or worn-out possessions a new lease of life! See people like yourself rebuilding, repairing and recycling things that might otherwise be thrown away.

It has moved successfully to the ECO Action Hub and opens again on 13th May!

Click here to find out more details and register if you wish to bring something for repair. We are open for you from 10:00 to 15:00. Repair skills available at this next event include:

  • small electrical items (excludes microwaves and large items)
  • laptops/computers, phone repairs (except screen repairs)
  • IT assistance(e.g. anti-virus, software updates)
  • glass repairs, book binding, fixing picture frames
  • basic woodwork, small furniture items
  • sewing and mending, textiles repairs

We aim to fix anything, our volunteers love to solve problems!

2 thoughts on “Repair Café opens on 13th May

  1. Hello. My hairdryer is making a terrible loud noise – wonder if the team could try and fix it? Thanks 😃

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