Useful Links

Useful links for you to find out more about some resources that can help you understand and take simple steps on your own ECO Action journey.

Find out more about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

  • RBWM In-Store Recycling Map: In-store recycling facilities in RBWM for items that cannot be recycled at home or recycling centres. Empty blister packs of medicine, Plastics & more.
  • Recycle Now | Where and How to Recycle: Recycle Now™ is the national recycling campaign for England and Northern Ireland. Designed to get more people recycling more of the right things, more often.

Information on local sustainability Initiatives

Find out more about making a difference

  • Take the Jump: Take the jump by trying six shifts to protect our Earth and live with joy. Clear, constructive, impactful, doable. Tips, encouragement and people you can speak to help along the way.
  • Young Climate Warriors | Climate Change for Children: Become a Young Climate Warrior. Learn more about climate change and take small actions to help our planet. Young Climate Warriors offers weekly ‘do-able’ challenges for children – with an ‘stubborn optimist’ outlook. You too can help us make the changes needed. ‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’.
  • Bonkers for the Planet: “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. Provides resources for those seeking to live sustainably, with fun posters promoting sustainability actions.
  • What on Earth: “… our mission is to educate the world about the impact that humanity is having on the planet and all life that shares this precious space with us. We can work together to minimise the impact that we, as individuals or, our organisations are having on the Earth.

Learn more from well informed organizations

More links coming soon – watch this space!