Our Story

At the ECO Action Hub in Maidenhead, we’re igniting a grassroots movement, reaching out to our local community in a dynamic and exhilarating space. Here, we catalyze inspiration through engaging activities, enriching education, and empowering information. Our aim is crystal clear: to empower our community to become dedicated champions of a greener and healthier Borough, fortified and resilient in the face of today’s environmental challenges.

Our Vision – what we aspire to achieve: We envision our Borough as a thriving oasis of greenery, where every individual thrives, and the collective pulse of our community beats in harmony with the environment. Our unwavering commitment is to orchestrate a symphony of positive and sustained actions to combat the Environment and Climate Emergency, ensuring that everyone reaps the rewards of our dedication.

Our Mission – how we’ll make it happen: Our mission is to forge unbreakable bonds among the people of Windsor and Maidenhead, igniting their passion through immersive activities, inspiring events, and impactful partnerships. Together, we’re embarking on a transformative journey, addressing biodiversity loss and confronting climate change head-on. Our united actions will not only safeguard our planet but will also nurture the well-being of our community, for the benefit of both people and the planet.

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