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Maidenhead’s “Library of Things” Why buy, when you can borrow?


What’s it all about: Need to fix stuff or make things happen but don’t have the tools you need? Come to the Library and borrow our useful Things for your home, projects and adventures. Affordable. Convenient. Kinder to the planet. Items often borrowed in other libraries include: instruments, camping equipment, air fryer (to try it out), etc.

How it works: We’re currently finessing our framework of operations. It will include things like: purpose, membership, fees, borrowing process, returning process and other policies. It’s still in draft format and we would be in a position to share it in a couple of weeks.

What next: Start browsing using the link at the top of the page! Feel free to come to the Hub and ask about more, or leave a comment below for questions or ideas you may have. and after all – Why buy, when you can borrow?

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