COP28 – An update

What does COP28 mean for me?

COP28 is in the UAE from 30th November – 12th December. It’s an annual gathering where countries worldwide meet to address climate change and commit to actions to tackle it.

These conferences play a pivotal role in shaping international climate policy and actions. However, it is not just what happens at the conference but also what happens afterwards that will be crucial in combatting the climate and nature crisis we face, because individuals and companies have an important role to play too.

Regular changes in daily routines, such as reducing energy consumption, using public transport, eating a more plant-based diet, and supporting eco-friendly products, collectively make a substantial impact. Moreover, raising awareness, advocating for change, and participating in local initiatives are significant contributions from individuals.

(with thanks for these notes from Giki-Zero: please read their blog here COP blog – Giki)

How you can take individual action?

Taking action on climate change comes in many different forms. Some of us will read books or listen to podcasts to become a stronger voice in conversations, others contact companies or governments to ask for change; with others demanding change by marching at demonstrations. There are countless ways to make a positive impact, and the best part is, you can do it in a way that suits your personality and strengths. 

Perhaps try one of these steps to find your individual voice and contribute to the fight against climate change:

📣 Ask your company to join the Race to Zero. The Race to Zero is the UN backed global campaign to rally businesses, cities and regions for a zero carbon world. Signing up means making a real commitment to Net Zero including a plan for how to do it.

📣  Subscribe to a climate podcast to grow your knowledge. Podcasts typically last from 20 to 90 minutes and are great for listening to on the move, in the evening, or even in the bath! And there is such a range now, covering everything from climate science, policy, impacts for business, great success stories and even a series on climate tipping points.

📣  Ask your pension company to commit to becoming a Net Zero provider. Pensions provide a huge amount of financing to companies which emit carbon, including a lot of fossil fuel companies. Ask your provider to commit to Net Zero, as pressure from savers will help the change happen.

If you’d like to do more, look at Giki Zero’s home page here and download the App?