🌿🎉 THIS SATURDAY: ECO Action Hub’s 1st Anniversary Party! 🎉🌿

What’s Happening? We’re celebrating our first year – AND we’re celebrating YOU, our incredible community of eco-warriors. Here’s why you won’t want to miss this:

When: Saturday May 11th from 10:00 with the ‘grand opening’ at 11:00, cake and bubbles at 12:00 and events through the day in ECO Action Hub.

Inspiring Conversations: Connect with people on the same journey or just starting out: climate advocates, curious minds. Share stories, swap tips, learn how small actions can make a big difference for you & for the planet!

Meet Our Team and our Partners:  Our passionate team members will be there to chat with you about sustainable living, climate action, and biodiversity. Our partners (from the local “Wilds”, from the “Wildlife Garden Awards” and others will all be there too!

Meet Special Guests: We’re thrilled to welcome RBWM’s Karen Davies, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, along with her colleagues. They’ll be signing up for the 10% Challenge right alongside you!

Engaging Eco-Activities:

  • Seedling Swap: Bring your extra seedlings and exchange them with fellow gardeners.
  • Repair Cafe: Got a broken item? Our skilled repair volunteers will help fix it!
  • Library of Things: open for you to be able to pick items to take out ‘on loan’!
  • Banana Climate Game: A fun way to learn about carbon footprints and climate impact.
  • Jenga Challenge: Challenge yourself to answer eco-questions playing a giant Jenga game.
  • Personal Action Plan Sign-Up: Get personalised tips to reduce your environmental impact.
  • 10% Challenge: Commit to reducing your carbon emissions by 10%—we’ll guide you!
  • Young ECO-Warriors Story-Telling: for children from MDG at 11:15 / 13:15
  • Live Music: Relax and listen to gently soothing eco-friendly live music too!

Cake and Bubbles: And if that’s not enough there will be cake and champagne to go with the games and the swaps and the conversation … it’s a reward for your commitment to a greener planet!

🌎🌱 Together we can create a greener, healthier future. See you there! 🌎🌱

Councillor Karen Davies launches 10% challenge

2pm on 2nd March at ECO Action Hub

Come and find out more about our ‘10% Challenge’!

As part of ECO Action’s drive to help people to address our climate crisis, RBWM councillor Karen has agreed to launch and take part in ECO Action’s personal 10% (carbon reduction) challenge.

Karen will commit to:
· Measure her initial CO2 or CO2e footprint
· Commit to reducing it by 10% year on year by changes to her lifestyle
· Measure her improvement step by step

Why? We all realise and experience that the climate is changing. Without us all taking action our young people will experience a very different and challenging life.

This community initiative is to generate enthusiasm throughout RBWM for action, show that our Councillors care and want to make a difference.

We invite you to take our 10% Challenge. 💚

RBWM Sustainability SPD Consultation “How To” Guide: MORE HELP!

We recently posted about the RBWM’s Sustainability SPD Consultation (here). If you just want to provide a quick response, we suggest you use our handy “How To” guide (here).

For those with more time and interest in how the SPD can be made better we’ve now got more detailed responses linked here to help you shape your feedback to RBWM! This edition has a particular focus on Energy Efficiency, Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Construction.

If you are short on time then you can simply copy and paste the last three columns of the table in the document (Section, Para, Suggested Text) into Box 5 of the Representation Form and email to planning.consultation@rbwm.gov.uk. Those items where ‘Push for change’ is highlighted in red are our priorities.

It would be really great if you can complete the submissions using the forms and information we’ve provided. The more RBWM hear from all of us as residents, the better informed they will be to make sound decisions.

To see all our posts about the Sustainability SPD please click here.

Thank you for your submissions!

Sustainability in action graphics

RBWM Sustainability SPD Consultation “How To” Guide

We posted last week about the RBWM’s Sustainability SPD Consultation. (See here).

For any of our supporters (YOU!) that are keen to respond but are short of time, here is a detailed “How To” guide. Helping you to make best use of your time and respond in what we consider a most appropriate fashion to get to desired outcomes within RBWM!

Here’s a summary of what you will find there:

  • Why Engage: We want to live in a Borough that is zero carbon and rich in nature. When developments take place, we want them to help us achieve this. The Sustainability SPD will direct and guide planners and developers towards this.
  • What Best Informs: The SPD needs to include: clear Intent (a sense of urgency & confidence the SPD will deliver RBWM targets), meaningful Content (the SPD needs to remain current and relevant in our changing world). And must be Ambitious (to ensure the Borough’s critical climate goals are reached and the SPD delivers)
  • How to make a difference: Experience shows we are more successful in achieving change when we clearly target specific sections of the document subject to consultation. It is also just as important to support those sections of the draft SPD that show true ambition.

We will be providing specific guidance on the Eco Action website in the next fortnight to help you to do this. Deadline for your response to the consultation is 27th November 2023.

Here again is the link to the “How To” guide. Thank you.

Sustainability: People, Energy, Planet.

RBWM Sustainability SPD Consultation

In June 2019, RBWM declared an environment and climate emergency. It enshrined the target of net zero carbon emissions in the borough by 2050, in line with Government policy.

A Sustainability SPD is one of the key actions identified in the Environment and Climate Strategy 2020-2025, to help shape development towards net zero carbon, protect and enhance the natural environment, drive carbon reductions in the borough and deliver wider climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Council has now prepared the draft Sustainability Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for public consultation. The consultation will run for six weeks from Monday 16 October 2023 until midnight on Monday 27 November 2023.

Whilst the ECO Action Hub is working with a consortium to help influence and update the Sustainability SPD you also as residents have the opportunity to comment and respond to the consultation … However, we will shortly be providing guidance here on how best to do so, to save you the trouble of reading all 86 pages, and to maximise the impact we can collectively have. 

In the meantime, if you do want to get a head start and read the SPD – please click on the link below for more information: RBWM Sustainability Consultation Link HERE

People acting in a sustainable environment