Get Swapping and Growing!

We’ve got two swaps coming up for you. The first is in Datchet (perfect for people on the Windsor side of the borough) on Saturday 27th April. The second is during our anniversary event at the hub on Saturday 11th May.

You can bring well labelled seedlings along to the hub on the Thursday and Friday before the events. Or bring them on the day of the swap. As with the last seed swap – all are welcome (new growers welcome!), the events are FREE and donations to the hub are welcome as it is run by volunteers.

We’re linking in with Wild About Datchet, Maidenhead Veg Growers, Wild Windsor and the Wildlife Garden Awards. So come and get involved!

Question Time: Heat Pumps.

Shared Event with WILD ABOUT DATCHET

23rd March 11am Datchet WI Hall

We’re running this really popular event again, this time in Datchet with Wild About Datchet.

Thinking about getting a heat pump? Got lots of questions? Need to talk to an expert?

  • Do they make economic & environmental sense?
  • How can you get the best deal and outcome?
  • What’s best and are they the right thing for you?

Hear from our experts who have the answers, practical experiences, and have ‘lived’ with them? Put your questions to our specialist panel chaired by Peter Gibbs (From BBC R4 Gardeners’ Question Time and our local ‘Weather Man’). Find out if heat-pumps will work for you.

From 11:00 too 12:30 Saturday 23rd March at Datchet WI Hall. To ask a question, book here on Eventbrite. Tickets will also be available on the door.

Councillor Karen Davies launches 10% challenge

2pm on 2nd March at ECO Action Hub

Come and find out more about our ‘10% Challenge’!

As part of ECO Action’s drive to help people to address our climate crisis, RBWM councillor Karen has agreed to launch and take part in ECO Action’s personal 10% (carbon reduction) challenge.

Karen will commit to:
· Measure her initial CO2 or CO2e footprint
· Commit to reducing it by 10% year on year by changes to her lifestyle
· Measure her improvement step by step

Why? We all realise and experience that the climate is changing. Without us all taking action our young people will experience a very different and challenging life.

This community initiative is to generate enthusiasm throughout RBWM for action, show that our Councillors care and want to make a difference.

We invite you to take our 10% Challenge. 💚