Help to take a stand for our environment

The following article has been published in this week’s Maidenhead Advertiser about our upcoming opening. Written by Anaka Nair. Source.

A new environmental action hub will encourage Maidenhead residents to do more than recycle to combat the climate crisis.

The RBWM Climate Community group will unveil its new ECO Action Hub on Saturday 1 April. Former BBC broadcaster and member of Wild Maidenhead, Peter Gibbs, will conduct the formal opening ceremony at 11am.

Dave Scarbrough, a trustee of ECO Action Windsor & Maidenhead, said: “Everybody knows there’s a climate crisis, but so many of us don’t really know what steps we can take to help – that’s why we’re opening the Hub. We thought it was essential to have a physical presence to reach out to residents.”

The former Dorothy Perkins unit in the town centre has been refurbished to host the hub and ECO Action hopes its ‘central’ location will bring in more curious visitors. The opening day will feature talks on the topics that affect Maidenhead residents, such as promoting biodiversity in gardens and how to save money on fuel bills during the energy crisis.

A Repair Cafe, which has operated in Maidenhead Library over the past year, will also feature on the day where people can bring items to be fixed, and will be a permanent fixture in the hub.

Talking about the various displays on eco-living and green travel created by experts for the event, Dave said: “I’m always learning new things.” When delivering talks on behalf of the Climate Community, Dave learned that many attendees actively recycled but very few did anything else. He hopes the hub will encourage environmental enthusiasts who are ‘doing a bit’ to be interested in ‘doing a bit more’.

ECO Action aims to attract young people, who learn about the climate emergency in school, to ‘influence’ and ‘inspire’ their parents.

The Hub will be open to the public from next month and free to visit from 10 am to 4pm.

Volunteers for the Eco Action Hub

2 thoughts on “Help to take a stand for our environment

  1. Does “The Hub will be open to the public from next month and free to visit from 10 am to 4pm” mean 7 days a week? (!)
    If not, that statement should be qualified a bit…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike! We’ll be open Thursday through Saturday – but there is not much we can do about the article as this is how it was printed in the Advertiser.

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