Help us build Eco Action’s “Library of Things”

Do you need to fix your stuff & make things happen, but don’t have the tools? Ever bought something to do a job, used it once and then put it in your cupboard, gathering dust forever? Why not borrow it instead?

Coming SOON to the Hub – the “Library of Things”: Borrow any of our useful Things for your home, projects and adventures: Affordable. Convenient. Kinder to the planet. 

Come and see the Eco Action Hub’s “Library of Things” at our opening on 1st April! AND tell us what you need most!

What is the Eco Action Hub and how can it help you?

The Eco Action Hub in Maidenhead (part of ECO Action Windsor and Maidenhead) is a community space that brings together local people and partnerships to take positive action on climate change: Helping people learn about and make small changes in their own lives to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

We offer a variety of resources such as the Repair Café, a shared Meeting Space and the Library of Things. The Hub “Zones” show simple practical proof points helping you make simple changes for positive climate & biodiversity outcomes in your lives today. There are engaging displays on core eco subjects; Travel, Energy, Family Living & House, and more.

What is a Library of Things and how can it help you?

As well as our “Zones”, the Hub also offers a Library of Things where people can borrow tools and gadgets, from food processors to hard drives to carpet cleaners – all there to help you “get things done” at home which shared “things”

What can you do next?

  • Come to the Hub on 1st April from 11:00 and talk to us
  • Meet our team and share your stories
  • Tell us what you would like to see in the Library of Things
  • Talk with us on how you would like to borrow from the LoT

See you on April 1st in the Eco Action Hub!

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