Kids’ Clothes Swap Saturday 15th July

Save money and the planet!

Kids grow quickly and keeping them in clothes that fit can be a financial challenge.

Swapping means you can upgrade their wardrobes for just a few pounds. And EVERY TIME you swap any unwanted piece of clothing you extend its lifecycle and reduce its carbon footprint!

Come to our ECO Action Hub Kids’ Clothes Swap in collaboration with animal army on Saturday 15th July. Help reduce clothing waste, and get “new” clothes for your kids!

animal army working with ECO Action Hub for Clothes Swap 20th May 2023 is donating a collection of starter stock to help get the Swap going: Follow animal army on Facebook and Instagram to see their collection.

You can also find this event and the ECO Action Hub on Facebook here.

Here’s how it works:

Drop off: Friday 14th July (10-4) or Saturday 15th July (10-12): Drop your clean and gently worn (no tears, stains or missing buttons please) child-size clothes at the ECO Action Hub: Unit 5-7, Nicholson Centre Atrium, Maidenhead SL6 1LB.

Take your tokens and keep them safe as you’ll use them to “buy” the clothes at the swap. Join the Fun For Families event or just look around at all the eco tips while you’re there!

Saturday 15th July – The Swap

12:00 The swap opens so get there on time for the best bits

All swappers leaving the swap with 1 or more items are required to donate £3 to the Eco Action Hub and animal army, (both non-profit organizations committed to fighting climate change). Anyone who doesn’t find something they or their children love, does not pay and can keep their tokens for the next swap event.

Extra Tips:

  • Wear clothes that are easy for your children to take on and off: we have fitting rooms to try on everything and lots of mirrors
  • Give yourself time to browse and shop slowly so you find something you love
  • Bring your own shopping bags to take home all your “new” clothes
  • Bring a water bottle or grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the swap

Don’t miss out: come to our Kids’ Clothes Swap Saturday 15th July!