Plant-Based Eating Drop-In – 7th October

How can you help your health, reduce your own ‘carbon footprint’, or save on your food budget – and all while feeling good about making a difference? Plant based eating!

Drop-in & see, talk & be inspired: We’ve got ideas all ready to share with you!

We’re supporting RBWM this week in their promoting Plant-Based Eating to encourage everyone to buy seasonal foods, grow their own vegetables, to know they’ll feel satisfied with eating the right nutrients from plant-based foods. It’s a big week and a great message!

Drop into the Hub on 7th October: Our friendly experts will be on-hand ready to talk with you about plant-based eating, growing your own, saving money, being more self-sufficient.

  • Grow your own vegetables: Talk to our ‘experts’ and get tips on how to grow in a garden or a window-box, from seeds or plants. Come away with practical ideas to get you started!
  • Buy ‘better’ vegetables: hear why it’s ok to buy wonky vegetables (which may be cheaper), where to get them (or delivered if you want) and ideas to cook tasty meals with them.
  • Plant-based cooking: what do do with all those lovely vegetables; slow-cook, roast, stew? Add proteins and pulses? Make amazing salads? Get great recipe ideas and real meals!

All sessions run from 11:00 – 14:00 on Saturday 7th September. Simply drop-in & chat about plant-based eating. And also look at all the other fantastic information to help in the Hub!

… and look out for more information from us or RBWM on Plant-Based Eating this month!!