Greenpeace Climate Vote

You probably know that Greenpeace currently has a ‘Climate Vote’ initiative to try to persuade people to vote in the General Election for the Climate?

Greenpeace say “Climate Voters commit to voting based on which candidate has the best proposals for addressing the climate crisis in a way that also prioritises fixing the economy, social inequality and injustice in the next election.”

“Climate Voters will spark a race to the top among the major political parties on climate and nature. They will maximise the number of MPs with stronger climate policies in the next parliament, and they’ll also hold the next government to account.”

“At the heart of our plan to do this is having face-to-face conversations up and down the country.” We’ll all make a difference in this General Election by using the Greenpeace model. Talk to your friends and neighbours about being a Climate Voter!

Will you do this? Have a look at their website for more discussion topics, or come and talk to us at Eco Action Hub!