Take the 10% Carbon Reduction Challenge!

What’s it all about? We all know we need to reduce our carbon footprint, don’t we? We can see climate change is real, that there are global issues and local concerns. Can we afford to do nothing, or can we really make some changes ourselves and have an impact?

Can you make a difference? What can you do to really reduce carbon, save money, and equally importantly how will you feel if you do make changes? How much difference can you really make as a person, and how easy will it be? We can help you! 

Introducing the 10% Challenge: Understanding your personal and household’s carbon footprint, finding tools and approaches to become more aware, then being given plans, approaches, and support to reduce your footprint year on year is what the 10% Challenge is all about.

Tell me more? 

  1. We will help you calculate your carbon footprint today.
  2. Prioritize changes you can make (how easy, how expensive, what return).
  3. Build a plan with you to make a difference (travel, food, reduce/reuse, …)
  4. Show you how to keep assessing, planning, and making real changes!

What next? Come and see us and get some great ideas to start your journey and make a difference now. Sign up with us to get more help. We are open Thursdays to Sundays (here

Come to our Anniversary Party: we’ll have our team there ready to talk with you AND we’ll have special guests including RBWM’s Karen Davies (Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Biodiversity) and her colleagues signing up to and taking the 10% Challenge with you!!