ECO Parenting: “potty-training” babies!

🚽💫Are you an expectant parent or already experiencing the joyous chaos of raising a baby aged 0-6 months? Find out how transform your potty-training experience!🚽💫

Join us at 11am on Friday, 17th May at the Hub and discover a revolution in potty training.

  • What is ec babies? A groundbreaking app to guide parents to success with potty training.
  • Who’s it for? Parents to be or with babies aged 0-6 months, keen to save money & the environment.
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How does it help? In the face of an environmental & cost of living crisis, there’s never been a better time for new parents to try elimination communication (EC). This gentle approach to potty training early is good for the environment & saves you money. It also promotes healthy bowel and bladder development, and encourages communication skills.

ec babies graphic & app
  • Why do it? With EC, good bladder and bowel control and the ability to communicate toileting needs develop at a very early age, so many babies no longer require nappies by between 12 and 18 months of age.
  • What’s the benefit?: fewer nappies used in year 1, potty-trained altogether a year or two earlier than might be. For disposable nappies: less cost & less waste. For reusables: less laundry and energy consumption. AND health benefits too!
  • Is EC a new thing? The EC approach is common in cultures around the world from Vietnam to Alaska; just a couple of generations ago it was common in the UK too. Unfortunately, the methods have been largely forgotten here.

Tell me more! ec babies guides, motivates, and supports parents and carers willing to give EC a go. We’ve worked hard to make it the best we can. After much prototyping and testing we have something ready to go. If you would like to help evaluate (and maybe even test) our latest offering we’d love to hear from you.

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