Heat Pump AND keep your boiler?

Have you been looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you want to save money on your gas bills? Thinking about getting a heat pump … but realised you might need to make LOTS of changes in your house?

Have a listen to this climate conversation with Christph Grossbaier from Econic Energy. Christoph is all about helping people understand there are other options: a ‘hybrid’ heat pump working with your gas boiler may give the best all-round solution: making sure you have a system to heat your house when it’s really cold, significantly reducing your carbon output now, and all while saving you money lots of on your gas bills immediately.

Click on this link to see a short informal interview with Christoph: https://tinyurl.com/hybrid-heat-pump-discussion

Photo of Christoph

For anyone that wants to learn more about (hybrid) heat pumps, you can find out more on goeconic.com.They are also running a leaflet campaign in parts of Maidenhead, so look out for an orange Econic flyer through your letter box and in the Hub!