CleanConscience for Christmas!

At the Eco Action Hub we sell products from CleanConscience, and they are the perfect gift for Christmas! We have luxury brands such as the White Company and Elemis!

How are CleanConscience reducing waste?

CleanConscience works alongside hotels and toiletry manufacturers to ensure that the maximum amount of partially used hotel soap and toiletries are recoveredre-purposed and redistributed for the benefit of those most in need of hygiene.

Large re-fill containers are made up of partly used bottles and tubes that are kept separate in batches of the same brand and sorted into type – shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body lotion.

Full or almost full bottles are sanitised by our regular volunteers, ready for placement into CareKit™ toiletry packs.

By buying CleanConscience products from the Hub, you are getting someone a great gift, as well as supporting an amazing initiative!

Find out more about the incredible efforts of CleanConscience on their website:

Question Time “All About Heat Pumps”: 2nd December 2023

Thinking about getting a heat pump? Got lots of questions? Need to talk to an expert?

  • Do they make economic & environmental sense?
  • How can you get the best deal and outcome?
  • What’s best and are they the right thing for you?

Hear from our experts who have the answers, practical experiences, and have ‘lived’ with them? Put your questions to our specialist panel chaired by Peter Gibbs (From BBC R4 Gardeners’ Question Time and our local ‘Weather Man’). Find out if heat-pumps will work for you.

From 11:00 too 12:30 Saturday 2nd December.

To ask a question, book on Eventbrite: click here (Batch 2)